Reef Volt Logo ReefVolt - Open, Cloud Free Aquarium Controllers

Aquarium controllers and modules powered by Home Assistant and ESPHome. Cloud free and open source hardware.

Open Source Hardware Lovingly designed in California by blueAcro

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Why choose ReefVolt?

Reef Volt is based on easy to modify open source firmware, and works with the Home Assistant ecosystem, removing the need for the cloud and proprietary services



Open Source Hardware, Open Source Software, with a hackable and expandable design. ReefVolt is designed to be modified and expanded to suit your needs.


Innovative controllers

New modules and controllers, including innovative DC power controllers and battery backup options


No cloud, no lock-in

ReefVolt controllers utilize Home Assistant and ESPHome, removing the need for cloud services and proprietary software. They also work stand-alone, and featured wired connectivity options.



The DCBuddy family features our innovative DC power controllers, with a range of options for controlling DC power for your pumps, top-offs, and other DC powered accessories. Say goodbye to the pile of AC power bricks, and add battery backup to anything.